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All the Lost Pieces

By Lara Martin

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Perfect for fans of Katherine Center and Kristan Higgins, All the Lost Pieces is a funny, warmhearted novel that explores the dynamics of family, friendship and falling in love, and all the ways we try to save ourselves.

Twenty-nine-year-old Nina Abrahams is not in a good place. She’s been fired from her restaurant manager job after she stands up to her bully of a boss, her motivational speaker mother is helping other people get their lives on track and ignoring the derailing of her daughter’s, and her best friend, Lucas Wilson, the guy she’s loved since she was eighteen, can’t seem to look beyond the girl in braces to the woman she is now.

When a new opportunity comes up, Nina decides it’s the perfect time to start over. The restaurant needs a reinvention and so does she. Unfortunately for Nina, the restaurant comes with hostile servers, a belligerent chef, and an owner averse to change.

But if Nina’s brave enough to take on the restaurant and tackle the people out to sabotage her, perhaps she can find the courage to tell Lucas how she really feels, even if it means risking the most important relationship in her life.

If you liked Evvie Drake Starts Over and The Lost Husband, then you’ll love this feel-good romantic novel.
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ISBN: 979-8376705025

Book Length: 320-650 Pages