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A Wedding For Emily: A Small Town Christmas Romance (The Cookie Table Chronicles Book 1)

By Seralynn Lewis

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What does dating look like for two adult children of loud and meddling Italian-American families? Anything is possible at Christmastime.

Emily Barone adores Christmas. Everything about the season, from her snow globe collection to the twinkle lights in her cubicle, enchants her.

After months of intrusive, abysmal, and downright laughable matchmaking attempts from her well-meaning Italian parents, the solution is clear: Get that promotion in the HR department where she works, and find a place of her own after the holidays. If only…

At a New Year’s Eve party, she runs into someone from her past. Is that hunky doctor her brother’s former best friend? He’s interested, and her junior-high feelings rush back. But will her opinionated family approve?
Doctor Rob Donato’s gaze lands on a dark-haired stunner. He’s struck by lightning and can barely speak, especially when he realizes the very likely future Mrs. Donato is none other than the kid who followed him and his best ex-friend around when they were kids.

First, he has to get through her brother, then her parents…
But Emily is worth it, and with any luck at all, maybe he can win her heart in time for Christmas next year.
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ISBN: 978-1-952953-16-3

Book Length: 150-320 Pages