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Angry Maria and booze hound husband

By Lita Marson

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This book is based on real events, it is a frank and honest story about the life of a real woman who has many problems: digestive issues and quarrels with her husband, who drinks too much alcohol. She works in a library and is annoyed by her readers, but her colleagues constantly got to her. When she is fed up with her booze hound husband, she leaves him and falls in love with a young man at work. This book has everything: a description of family life, romance and love, work aspects and real emotions, the experiences and anger of an ordinary woman who is tired of her life issues. Every reader will find something to their liking in this text. There are constant calls around us to be positive, but where have the negative emotions gone? Do we really have to smile continuously and forbid ourselves to get angry? No, we haven`t, and this book is about real person with all real emotions and feelings.
“I will honestly and openly describe all my negative emotions that I experience at work, in the store, at home, on vacation. I will not pretend to be an ideal, positive person with a fake smile. No, I will show the real me. Let's allow ourselves to be ourselves without any masks”.


ISBN: 979-8869545053

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages