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The Love Token

By Cindy Kirk

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From the outside, the tent looks like any you might see at a county fair: Tall poles support crisp white canvas that ripples gently in the breeze. But inside, the tent is a different world, one GraceTown hasn’t seen for a century. Only, no one can see this tent—no one but Sophie Jessup.

Sophie Jessup has a good life. Staying in GraceTown keeps her close to her parents, and running her antique shop lets her uncover forgotten treasures, like an unusual gold coin romantically inscribed with, Love Be Yours, Love Be Mine. Her own love life isn’t perfect, but passion is overrated. Right?

When Sophie agrees to volunteer at a local festival, a mysterious tent catches her eye. She enters the tent today—and exits in 1916. She thinks she must be dreaming, especially when handsome Josiah Huston comes to her rescue. But the details—and her connection to Josiah—feel too real to be imagined.

Somehow, Sophie has opened a door to the past--and to a love she never believed possible. But this door won’t stay open forever. She knows that when it closes, it will close for good, forcing Sophie to make an impossible choice.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Cindy Kirk