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The Oblivious Billionaire

By Kristy Tate

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How can you know where you're going if you can't remember where you've been?

Charlie Monson has spent her entire life pining over Kirk Palmer. In fact, she chose to be a nurse just so she could work beside him at Laguna Beach's Mission Hospital.

Zach Walden has lost seven years of his life. He can't remember leaving his football career or creating the Wonder Weight Loss app that has supposedly made him a billionaire. And worse, he can't remember his fiancee, the beautiful Eva Caron. Retrograde amnesia, it's just one of the things Zach has to learn to deal with. But all he wants to study is the charming nurse who saved him, Charlie Monson.

Unfortunately, Zach has a life that includes a cast of friends and foes demanding his attention and he not only has to relearn their names—he also has to come to terms with who he thought he was and who he’s become.

Meanwhile, Charlie thinks she’s in love with Dr. Kirk Palmer, but the more time she spends with Zach, the more she learns that maybe she’s the one who needs to wake up and recognize what real love looks like.

Hilarious and yet thought-provoking, The Oblivious Billionaire will charm romantic comedy fans.
The Oblivious Billionaire is the second book in The Misbehaving Billionaire Series, but both novels can be read independently.

Buy The Oblivious Billionaire for a fun beach read with a smart and strong female main character and a forgetful hero.

Here's praise for the first book in the series, The Billionaire's Beagle.
* This is an enjoyable read about Letty and Wes. When Letty first meets Wes, she thinks he’s just a beach bum. He doesn’t enlighten her, lol. Letty despises liars because her father is in prison right now. When his grandfather has to go away for treatment, he tells Wes he’s going to move into the hotel and work every position and take care of his beagle, Betty. Hijinks ensue and someone ends up stealing Betty. Will they find her before grandfather returns? Will Wes be able to keep Letty in his life once she finds out who he really is? No spoilers, so grab your copy. I will say, I really enjoyed the ending.

* The main characters were well rounded, the situations seemed plausible and their reactions true.A light read but enjoyable. The characters are interesting and the plot is fun. A sweet and clean romance and an entertaining read.

* A lighthearted look at all the things that hold us back! Love forgives, love trusts and love accepts This clean romance will win your heart! Well written with a good story line

* This book premise kept catching my eye. The opening scene was pretty comical but Letty, the main female character, had me wondering if I would connect with her or end up not liking the book. There were a couple swear words in that scene as well and with not having previously read many other books by this author, I again wasn't quite sure what to expect. Let me tell you that I changed my mind the further into the book I read. The more information that was revealed, the more


Book Length: 150-320 Pages