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The Loch

By Beth Freely

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When award-winning photojournalist M.C. "Maggie" Warner decides to take a break from assignments in war-torn locales, she picks Balloch, Scotland on the shores of Loch Lomond to getaway. She knew she would find solace and beauty around the Loch. She didn't expect to find love.


Enter Crispin Yates. Full-time literary professor. Part-time pub barkeep. He knew the day he met Maggie Warner he would marry her. Their conversations about photography and literature endear her to him. And he cannot get enough of tramping through the highlands of Scotland with her.


But their love is threatened by a family member who doesn't exactly like anyone not of the upper class. They will do anything to besmirch Maggie's name, including throwing high-born socialite Lady Camilla Knightsbridge Langdon at Crispin.


Can Maggie and Crispin's love survive the rolling moors of Scotland? Or will it be drowned in "The Loch?"

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ASIN: B09414CF3T

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Beth Freely