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Once is Not Enough: Stories on love, passion, desire, family and loss

By Geeta Lal Sahai

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The stories in the collection
are all about love, unrequited love, madness, delusion, loss, loneliness,
dilemma, and of course, family. Characters brush aside the niceties of life and
unravel the feminine ambition.

The protagonist—Rakhee in the story - Once is
Not Enough
somewhere nudges the understanding about love—that it’s
complicated and isn’t always about being in love. She loves both the men in her
life. Will she make a choice? Is she ready to make this life-changing decision?

In The Singer–young Bhavna, blinded by her ambition, agreed to
marry wealthy Ajit because she knew that her music career would burgeon with
him as her partner. And it did, but she was not happy. And as she grows older,
she longs for someone to give her attention; to love her. She misses being a
woman. After all—we are what we are because of the choices that we make!

In the story The Birthday Cake, a little boy shares his heart-wrenching
experience during the present-day global crises. While Lonely Footsteps
is about love, family secrets and tragedy, My Father is about the complex issue of caste, politics, love and acceptance of the breakdown of the
gentle mental fabric—the ghost prints left by grief and loss.  

At every step, love and fire-like passions test and tempt the characters - do they win over the
temptation or succumb?



ISBN: 979-8527856521

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages