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All of My Heart: Sweet Hart Inn (A Harbor Falls Romance Book 1)

By Maddie James

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“True love conquers all—isn’t that why we read these books?” EmmaRae, Romancing the Book (Review for All of My Heart)

Life is perfect.

When Suzie Hart inherits the lakeside Victorian cottage that eventually becomes Sweet Hart Inn, she imagines her life all planned out ahead of her. She will run the inn, write her recipes, conduct her cooking classes, and pick up an occasional catering job with her cousin Sydney Hart, who owns the local bakery. Her life in Harbor Falls is predictable—a welcome change from the chaos of recent months—and that’s the way she likes it. Predictability makes her happy.

And then chaos rides his bad ass Harley up to her bed and breakfast doorstep—and her perfect, predictable, and well-planned world starts crumbling like yesterday’s blueberry muffins.

Brad Matthews has other ideas.

In fact, he has a plan. When Suzie worked as his sous chef in Asheville several months earlier, he had no intention of falling in love with the sassy chef—no room in his life for romance. But when Suzie disappeared and took Brad’s heart with her, his good intentions shattered. And even though Brad’s plan involves making a lot of people in Harbor Falls angry (Suzie included), it is part of a bigger plan to get his own life and career on track, and to win Suzie Hart back into his arms—permanently.

But can Suzie let go of their muddled past, and her well-planned future, in order to finally find happiness with hunky Chef Brad? And can Brad alter his own plan, in order to get Suzie back?

“All of My Heart will have you up, down, hot and cold, and maybe just a little bit desperate too!” ~ Corrie, Lamplight Review & Promotion on Goodreads

(2nd Edition, 2019)

ASIN: B074634SG8

Book Length: 60-150 Pages