How To Run A Promotion?

  1. Login to the dashboard

  2. If you are new to dashboard kindly sign up using this link. 

  3. Add Books 

  4. Once you login, in the left sidebar you will find an option labeled Promotions 


  1. Click on Smart Promotion 

  2. Select a book which you would like to promote. If you have not added a book, please see the PDF file on how to add a book. 


  1. Select one or more promotion sites that you would like your book to be promoted on.


  1. Select your dates and upgrade options (You can select different dates for different promotional sites)


  1. You can quickly review all your selected promotions by clicking the View Summary button on the right side of the window.


  1. Your promotion is now successfully created, and you can proceed to checkout.

You can check the update regarding your promotion under Promotions option in the sidebar.