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Create an HTML version of your book description for Amazon KDP.

  • Create your blurb using the simple editor below.
  • Click “Copy HTML” to copy the description.
  • Paste into your book description on KDP dashboard.

Book description restrictions

Amazon cannot accept any of the following information in the description:

  • Pornographic, obscene, or offensive content
  • Phone numbers, physical mail addresses, email addresses, or website URLs
  • Reviews, quotes, or testimonials
  • Requests for customer reviews
  • Advertisements, watermarks on images or videos, or promotional material
  • Time-sensitive information (for example, dates of promotional tours, seminars, or lectures)
  • Availability, price, alternative ordering information (for example, links to other websites for placing orders)
  • Spoiler information for Books, Music, Video, or DVD (BMVD) listings
  • Any keywords or book tags phrases

Supported HTML in your description

HTML TagDescription
<br>Creates a line break.
<p></p>Defines a paragraph of text. Creates a line break at the end of the enclosed text.
<b></b>Formats enclosed text as bold.
<em></em>Emphasizes a phrase. Generally formatted as italic.
<i></i>Formats enclosed text as italic.
<u></u>Formats enclosed text as underlined.
<h4></h4> to <h6></h6>Formats enclosed text as a section heading: <h4> (largest) through <h6> (smallest). <h1>, <h2>, and <h3> are not supported.
<ol>Creates a numbered list from enclosed items, each of which is identified by a <li> tag.
<ul>Creates a bulleted list from enclosed items, each of which is identified by a <li> tag.