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I am A.L. Knorr, USA Today bestselling author and award-winning fantasy writer. My full name is Abby-Lynn, but that was too long to slap on a book cover, and I am Abby or even Abs to friends and family. I am Canadian, married to a Turk, and currently living in Turkey. My first six books, The Elemental Origins series, were partly written during time spent in Italy and the UK. I love travelling! Why write? I can’t not write. I just don’t feel right when I don’t write. I have more fun inside my head than I do in the real world. I believe that life is storytelling. Whether it’s on stage, screen, page, or just a chat over a coffee with a friend, we learn through the stories we consume and the stories we share. My head has always been full of stories, and when there are a lot of characters bumping elbows in your brain, well, the only remedy is to get them down on paper and into someone else’s head.Young women characters are fun to write because they’re complicated and sometimes they do weird stuff. Readers tell me they enjoy the strong female protagonists and vivid characters, so I must be doing something right. My goal as a writer is to create mesmerizing stories of elemental transformation, adventure, friendship, and love. I write what I enjoy reading, so my books are cuss-free and have no on-page sex. My aim is life-like characters you’ll fall in love with and well-crafted plots that keep you turning pages late into the night.