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Archangel Chic writes books about Diversity, Gratitude., Affirmations, and anything Spiritual. I love (in no particular order) Archangels, Classical Acupuncture, Reiki, Trees, Gnomes, Whales, Star Seeds, Galaxies, Nature, Animals, Tarot, Charms, Crystals, Ocean… I’m sure there is more.

I live in Tampa, FL but I’m a native to the Boston suburbs till age 30. I live in Tampa with my teenage daughter and son and Toy Poodle. They are very accepting of my “Woo Woo”. <3

Bark is a short film I have recently made into a book. The story is about a teenage biracial girl struggles to come to terms with her identity in a racially driven world. It was and is a passion project for me. I'd like to write more. Diversity and inclusion are very important to me.

Keeping a Gratitude Journal and learning my worth using affirmations has been life changing. I wanted to share. Eventually, I will buckle down and write my life story.

Diversity, Inclusion and a whole lot of Woo Woo is what I am all about.

Love and Light <3

The Champ is here:

"Glinda The Good Witch"

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