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Emma Loveday is the founder of the life-coaching company, Resilient Humans. After living for over 15 years with intense social anxiety and extreme fear of failure, Emma finally came to understand what it takes to live fearlessly. To be sure, a lot of books were read, podcasts were listened to and videos were watched! But until something clicked in her brain that made it all make sense, all of the self-help advice in the world seemed futile. When writing Bold, Brave & Brilliant, Emma didn't want to write just another 'think positive' book. Whilst kindness and compassion are needed (towards the self and others) they must be balanced with some harsh truths, reality checks and tough words of motivation and encouragement. Thinking positive is definitely half of the battle but taking action, even when you're at your lowest point, will tip the scale in your favour and your life can be yours to live again. After 15 years of struggle, Emma finally took control of the things she was able (even when it made her feel uncomfortable) and let go of the things that were, and have never been, worth worrying about. Now she helps others do the same as a motivational coach building resilient humans.

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