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I'm a Canadian looking to write stories that aren't just wish-fulfillment LitRPGs. I hope to tell stories that enrage, delight, and push the limits of the LitRPG genre. I aim to get there one day :). My first series was 'The Weight Of It All,' a series about a boy finding his place on the continent of Terna, where dungeoneering is a way of life and getting stronger is not just a goal. My latest series of stories is about orphans who are forced to survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic world. Named 'System Orphans, ' each will follow a different orphan, with the first set of books following Claire. In this series, fewer punches are pulled as Claire strives to kill anyone who appears on her Quest. The two series are VERY different, but I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for giving my stories a chance - you can find me on Instagram: @jjthornbooks, on facebook @JJTHORNBOOKS or my website: https://www.jjthornbooks.com/