Maurice Draine

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25 years ago, he brutally assaulted my mother and left her for dead. Today he found me and is standing in my doorway...

-- After an unthinkable assault on her mother, a young, beautiful, and stubborn rookie patrol cop named Rue breaks all police protocol as she follows clues to try and solve her mother’s 25-year-old cold case. After new sex crimes against women spread across state lines, the FBI gets involved, and Rue strategically befriends a female agent. But was that the right play to help get this monster off the streets faster? With the Feds involved now, who are not sharing much information but demanding a ton, Rue knows it is only a matter of time before they figure out her unsanctioned investigation and get her suspended, or even fired. She must now race against the clock to solve this very personal cold case and Honor Thy Mother.