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Nolan Collins is the owner of RAMPIT Solutions, a company dedicated to helping people, teams and companies find simpler solutions to getting along with each other, understanding themselves and having a lot less stress in life. At home and work.

Having been a trainer in some capacity for over 30 years, from restaurants to ballroom dancing, digital marketing to massage, Nolan has been a quiet observer of thousands of people and their behaviours. His goal is to help ten thousand businesses and 1 million people find simpler solutions to stressful encounters and situations.

Nolan's first book, There's a Reason for That will be followed up quickly with the foundation framework book RAMP-IT and the highly anticipated transformational coaching book, RAMP your FLOWS.

Nolan lives near Cambridge UK after living in the US for 25 years, with his 2 children and German Shepherd, Saxon.

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There's a Reason For That: Understand why people don't get you and you don't get them, and find calm when the shift hits the fan, starting today.

There's a Reason F...

How-To and Self Help, General Nonfiction