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Phoenix Rose is an erotica/romance writer who specializes in real feelings in fantastic situations.

Phoenix's favorite kinks to explore are: breeding, impregnation, gender swapping, Futas, Mpreg, and more. Sometimes with a hint of FemDom and BDSM.

A constant theme within the narrative is an emphasis on the connection the main characters have for each other. All of their adventures come from a place of love, respect and mutual desire to explore themselves and the world around them, but that doesn't mean things don't turn hot and nasty occasionally!

If you like your stories super hot, with lots of build-up and tension, a touch of sci-fi/fantasy, a splash of romance and a happy ending you've found the right author for you!


Hired For His Womb: A Femdom Futa Mpreg Romance

Hired For His Womb...

Contemporary, Erotic, LGBT, Sci-Fi