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Robert Bass

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Jacksonville, Florida
My study of herbs and food as medicine began in 1975 after recovering from a serious illness by using herbal remedies. After graduating from college, I was employed as a Rehabilitation Therapist at a state hospital, working with patients suffering from chronic mental illness. I have also worked with adolescents, acutely ill, alcohol and drug rehab patients, and intensive care mental health units. I am 70 years old, and I've had Type 2 diabetes for over twelve years. After finally realizing the seriousness of my condition I started making changes in my lifestyle, including nutrition and exercise. Before that, I was sick with serious diabetic symptoms. For the last seven years, I have managed my illness with diet, natural supplements, and exercise, using no medications. My book, "The Hippocrates Method: Lose Weight, Change Your Eating Habits and Create A New Healthy Lifestyle", is a result of my personal experience and research.