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Sophia Wietrzna

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Sophia Wietrzna is a debuting Polish author and painter. Her writing is a reflection of her path of self-discovery and personal development. In her novels, fiction and personal experiences blend into a powerfully emotional, authentic, and engaging story. What might seem to be fiction on the surface might be a real-life experience, even though it looks like a product of imagination. Impossible? Well, the world is more complex than we are normally told it is. Sophia has developed a completely new category in literature, which she calls energetic novels. The events in her books rarely have just one meaning and usually come with a deeper message that is underneath. They are also humorous and surprising. This is not a typical romantic fiction but a blend of magical, paranormal, and spiritual experiences that lead to a transformation of the main characters. Apart from writing and painting, she loves traveling and looking for answers beyond the obvious. And she loves Nature.