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 I am Yenni Payeski. Spiritual companion. Life coach. Wife.

Mother. Daughter.

My purpose is to accompany women in discovering the

presence of God in their lives and finding HAPPINESS

through FAITH.

After years of living away from God and my passion for

nature, I found in Christianity the best shelter to heal my

wounds. I learned that listening to myself and to others was

the way to His infinite love.

Faith led me to become a minister of Silence, Listening, and

Reception. In 2016 I founded Sentirse Amada, a spiritual

center where I offer courses and workshops to help

women in their search for well-being through selfknowledge, meditation, and prayer.

With my books, I help you recognize and observe your

emotions and give you the tools so you regain trust in

yourself and feel the love of God.

Join me at and learn how you can

achieve anything you set your heart to!