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Behind Her Smile (Sandy Cove Series Book 6)

By Rosemary Hines

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Not good enough…the words echo in Madison's mind as the darkness presses her to be thinner, more beautiful, more worthy of approval and love.

A junior in high school, she is facing life without her childhood love, Luke Johnson, who is off to college in the Midwest. Alone with her insecurities, Madison yearns for acceptance—until Miles that is. Will a relationship with this new student on campus be the answer she seeks? And how will his resistance to her Christian faith affect her future?

As the two of them grow closer and closer, something happens inside of Madison, and she finds herself more insecure than ever. Gazing into the mirror at her thinning face and trendy makeup, she hopes no one sees the fear behind her smile. Meanwhile, her parents become increasingly concerned. How can they reach their daughter and help her see her true value?

The sixth book in the Sandy Cove Series, Behind Her Smile, touches hearts of young and old alike with the message of God’s redemption and love, reminding us that our true sufficiency and value come from Him and Him alone.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Rosemary Hines