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Snakes & Daggers

By Rachael Dunn

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Another ancient Egypt-inspired fantasy adventure from Rachael Dunn!

An assassin has to start somewhere.

Royal Scribe Faru is on the hunt for members of the shadowy organization, the Eclipse. He must report back to the pharaoh himself about the rumors of this sinister cult. These mystical murderers are said to change into animals and melt into shadows. They even might be behind the bizarre second moon in the sky.

Faru has traveled far and investigated every nook and cranny, but so far he hasn't found any evidence that this group actually exists. But the horrifically scarred man in the tavern claims to know about the Eclipse and will tell Faru all about the story of how he joined the mystic cabal.

As long as Faru will buy him a drink, of course. The story Mwarthes will tell is a long one.

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