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Eclipsing the Tide

By Caroline Jaquish

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Eclipse wasn’t born a boy. It was her first and greatest sin, according to Victor Monohue, the supreme leader over all Chrosia and her father. She wasn’t innately attractive like her nemesis, Amy, and she wasn’t as wily as her trainer, Acre. Her life wasn’t shrouded in mystery like Axl’s, it was blown wide open for all to see and judge. And she didn’t have friends, but she had four brothers and a bow. Along with her iron will and determined training, she still barely had a chance, but it was a chance, nonetheless. A chance to be the greatest telepath Asylum, her home planet, would ever know. A chance to prove her worth and strength. A chance to change, to grow, to fall in love, and to live. Once she had all that, nothing could ever take it away.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages