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Seeds Of Betrayal: Of Angels and Olympians Book 2

By Raymond Sardella

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Greagian is journeying into the woods, where dangerous dryads and unpredictable fayes roam free. When the faye guide promised to him by Artemis flies off without warning, Greagian and his companion must continue their trek with little protection from the threats lurking in the shadows. What they find in the woods however, is far from what they expected. While dryads or satyrs are obvious occupants of the forest, Greagian is caught off guard when he and his partner run into something - or more accurately someone - far more powerful:
A Titan.
Torel has been sent by the archangels to join the foot soldiers under the leadership of the legendary Theocles. Eager to please and anxious to be of use, Torel finds himself thrown into the role of Theocles’ spy. In the midst of the war effort against the Titans, Torel has an up-close look at just how little the Olympians seem to think of the angels. While the gods can’t seem to go a moment without the finest luxuries, the angels are doing the dirty work, sacrificing everything for the hope of victory against the titans. It seems that though the two parties are allied, they are far from unified. The question is, will their alliance be enough to get them through this war, or will petty squabbles and the pride of the Olympians tear them apart long before the Titans ever get a chance?

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Raymond Sardella