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Fated Born

By Kristin L Hamblin

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What happens if you fall in love in a world where love is forbidden?

Yesterday, Laida was Ardenis’s friend. Today, she’s the love of his life. And he can’t tell her.

Ardenis’s human emotions weren’t meant to awaken prematurely. Watchers are supposed to resist the charm of mortals’ magical kingdoms and court intrigue. The punishment is exile—denying him the beauty of a mortal life. He can’t get caught, and he can’t risk awakening Laida’s emotions. While she remains oblivious, he is in torment, struggling to find his new place in the world alone.

But love cannot exist without hate. Yesterday, the council could do no wrong. Today, Ardenis sees corruption among them—something he never would have recognized before. Someone is plotting to prevent the first-ever fae from being born.

If Ardenis can’t uncover the source of the corruption while hiding his human emotions, the realm’s ability to provide souls to the mortal world will be destroyed. Everyone, including Laida, is at risk.

Fated Born is the first book in a young adult fantasy series perfect for readers who crave deep friendships, alternate worlds, and slow-burn romance.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages