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The Hunted Mage: The Adventures of Jack Wartnose

By A.S. Norris

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They say a group of Crows is a “Murder.” For Jack Wartnose, if he’s not careful, murder is exactly what will befall him and his family.

Finally free of the clutches of the Mage Inquisition and undead cutthroats once again, Jack Wartnose’s troubles soon catch back up as a group of mage assassins, the Murder of Crows, has been dispatched to eliminate him and his troupe. One cunning beauty among them has “intimate” knowledge of Jack Wartnose, and looks forward to repaying him for setting her on the path to ruin years ago.

Meanwhile, he and his family get stuck in the backwater town of Downriver Ferry. More family secrets come to light, while the Murder stalk him from the shadows. Old faces reemerge with intentions unknown. New faces threaten to reignite a three millennia old blood feud. And his estranged daughter is still plotting her deadly vengeance behind Wartnose’s back.

The quiet, backwater town of Downriver Ferry is about to erupt! Can Jack Wartnose keep his wits about him as he confronts threats on multiple fronts? Will his family and fellow adventurers be strong enough to protect him? Or will he receive help in time from an unlikeliest of sources?


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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

A.S. Norris