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Murder in Venice

By Martha Bond

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Murderous secrets are lurking in the City of Canals!

1923. Lottie Sprigg is a lowly maid. But when she’s hired by a wealthy heiress, she embarks on a thrilling journey across Europe and beyond. Lottie’s expecting exciting exploits and spectacular sights. But she’s not expecting murder…

In Venice, Lottie befriends a famous opera singer after reuniting him with his lost dog. Early the next morning, the singer’s corpse is found floating in the Grand Canal.

Who wanted the opera singer dead? Lottie is keen to seek justice for his orphaned dog. She’s spotted some suspicious characters but fingers point to a shadowy figure who prowls the streets and bridges at night. Who is it?

After a second slaying at a masked ball, Lottie’s convinced she knows the culprit. But a twist prompts a new discovery and Lottie’s pulled into a chilling chase through Venice’s canals.

The Venetian police are stumped. So how can Lottie unmask the killer?


Book Length: 150-320 Pages