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Technocracy: The New World Order of the Illuminati and The Battle Between Good and Evil

By Dan Desmarques

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Did you know that you were programmed to be who you are at this moment, with all of your predicted successes and failures?“Civilizations have been born and completed and then forgotten again and again. There is nothing new under the sun. What is has been. All that we learn and discover has existed before” (Colonel James Churchward, Freemason). However, “each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it” (George Orwell, Freemason).This said, it is possible that you have been able to, somehow, challenge the orthodoxy of the system in which you were raised, by achieving results that weren’t expected in your lifetime, while complying to many others that you weren’t in favor of, and yet you surely didn’t transform anything enough, or you would lose friends, relatives, jobs and even the opportunity of a love life.“Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing” (George Orwell, Freemason).In this book, you will learn why the structure of mass thinking keeps you imprisoned to a reality that is far from your ideal potential. This book has been an Amazon Best Seller for more than eight years in a row, although previously published under other titles.There have been many attempts at removing the original version of this book from the market, but if you are reading these words, the opportunity to obtain this extremely valuable information is still and surely within your reach.

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