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The Sexual Philanthropist

By John Langley

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4 out of 5 stars review.

John Langley had a challenging life, starting at a young age. Despite his harrowing experiences, he was able to recognize his potential and utilize his thinking faculties to overcome his obstacles. In his book, Langley tells a touching story that made me question the unfairness of life. His experiences were relatable; I had faced rejection and had to take charge of my life at a young age. It's always easier to tell the story, but the experience is hellish. Honestly, I love how expressive the author was throughout the book.

Reading this book taught me the importance of opportunity, intuition, and initiative and how they contribute to success. It also reminded me that nothing is impossible. In addition, it emphasized the importance of avoiding judgment towards others, as they may not have had better options. Reading Langley's story was comforting, reassuring me that I am not alone in the face of difficult times. It reminded me that better days are always on the horizon.

Finally, it is worth noting that the book contains excessive profanity and raw sexual language. As a result, this book may not be suitable for younger readers or those who dislike reading such content. However, despite the abundance of errors and profanity, the book is still an interesting read. I would recommend The Sexual Philanthropist by John Langley to individuals who enjoy autobiographies and those who seek to explore the sex industry. I would also recommend this book to individuals who may be facing rejection, homelessness, or other personal difficulties.
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John Langley