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How to Lead Like Abraham Lincoln

By Christopher Coopersmith

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Craving inspiration from the greats? Discover the key wisdom Lincoln brought to the people as he led the US into the future.
Looking to raise yourself to new heights? Are you keen to win admiration from your team? Do you want to leave a memorable legacy? MBA, Corporate Business Operations Manager, and dedicated student of formative history Christopher S. Coopersmith uses his considerable knowledge to motivate others. Now he’s here to share how the unique decision-making process of America’s sixteenth president can help elevate your own skills.

How to Lead Like Abraham Lincoln: Leading in a Way That Drives History is an in-depth study of how this extraordinary statesman left his mark on multiple generations. From Honest Abe’s humble beginnings through moments of courage and majesty, Coopersmith draws out the essential ingredients this important leader brought to bear. And by steeping yourself in rousing life lessons on decisive actions both small and large, you’ll soon be standing tall and ready to pave the path forward.

In How to Lead Like Abraham Lincoln, you’ll discover:
A thorough understanding of how this giant came to power and changed the world
Ways you can learn from his experience to become more assertive
Methods for simply outworking your rivals and adversaries to stay one step ahead of the game
Strategies for making rapid choices, even under pressure, with confidence
Techniques for moving past pain, balancing work and family, and much, much more!
How to Lead Like Abraham Lincoln is a wonderful insight into a time of turmoil and is part of The Magic of an Influencer series. If you like real-world examples, inspirational stories, and fascinating eras, then you’ll love Christopher S. Coopersmith’s practical application of a well-known figure.

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages