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Fractured Hearts: A Fractured Rock Star Romance

By L. M. Dalgleish

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"Her heart had been broken enough; she wasn’t willing to have it happen again."

Lexie Daniels gets offered the job of tour photographer for
world-famous rock band, Fractured, it comes as a shock. But not as much
as the long-dormant feelings the band’s sinfully gorgeous lead singer
awakens in her. It’s the first spark of desire she’s felt for any man
since she lost her husband three years ago.

Unfortunately, Connor
Byrne is a playboy rock star with no interest in love, not to mention
the man she’s supposed to be working for. He’s the last person in the
world she should be drawn to. But then again, maybe one night with him
is exactly what she needs to bring her body back to life.

there's more to the man behind the rock star persona than she thought.
And it turns out one night isn’t enough for either of them. But even as
the passion between them burns hotter with every touch, Lexie knows she
can’t afford to give her still-healing heart to a man as out of reach as

Because everyone knows an already fractured thing is fragile.

One more break, and it might end up shattered forever.

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