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Unbroken Seal

By Rachel K. Stone

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A retired Navy SEAL.
A caretaker half my age.
Delicate hands caring for me in all the right places.

I spent most of my life at sea, witnessing war on almost every continent. Some places were so remote, they weren’t even on a map. Throughout all that time, I never sustained a major injury. That was, until the North Korea incident, which nearly ended my life and left me with limited mobility, a bad demeanor, and the need for round-the-clock caretakers.

My most recent caretaker is Selena Torrence, a twenty-three-year-old with long golden wavy hair, hazel eyes, and a five-foot-six tight, full build that would turn any man’s head. Luck has brought her to me.

She torments me with her ample chest and tight rear end … what I desire is out of reach. I am broken and not the man I used to be. My fantasies about her are the only thing that keeps me going day to day. Yet, she is only here as my helping hand and nothing more.

But when the lights go out, how can a person focus on being an employer when your assistant is so skilled at tucking a battle-hardened Seal into bed?
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Rachel K. Stone