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Quantum Cheeseburger

By Jeremy Michelson

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One cheeseburger, with a side of armageddon.

Driving his vintage Jeep down a lonely highway in the New Mexico desert, Chris, an ordinary guy with a horrible boss, makes a terrible mistake. He stops at a roadside burger shack for lunch. Disaster ensues. He barely escapes with his life. And, unknown to him, something else.

Now Earth military, mercenaries, and three races of aliens are hunting him.

All of them gunning for a power that will determine the fate of Earth. Along with the fate of six alien races locked in a simmering conflict that threatens to break out into all-out war.

A power that could unlock incredible technological secrets of a long dead alien race. A power Chris must learn how to control. A power he must learn how to use if Earth is to survive.

First, Chris must figure out who his real friends are.

Right now, everyone looks like the enemy.

The wild and funny first novel in the Star Ascension series.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages