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Fire & Flight

By Brianna R Shaffery

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There are those that tell stories about
the legends of the Shadow Forest, of magical waters that reveal answers to your
deepest questions, and of times long ago when ancient sorcerers wielded unnatural


After the death of her family and the
appearance of strange physical changes she cannot explain, seventeen-year-old
Nyla begins to wonder if she might be cursed with magic herself. Without a home
and longing for the family she’s lost, Nyla retreats into herself.


But when her new plan for answers brings
her to a crossroads with a fellow traveler named Xander—whose own painful past
is also a mystery—Nyla must decide if she can trust a stranger. But even if she
can learn to trust, could her very connection to Xander place them both in

With an ominous force gaining power in Nyla's homeland, she must choose how far she is willing to go to find answers when not only her fate—but possibly all of Tenebris—depends on it.

Fire & Flight is Brianna R. Shaffery's debut novel and the first novel in the epic young adult fantasy trilogy Heirs of Tenebris.

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Brianna R Shaffery