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The NOVA System

By Jon Scott Lee

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Of course the first time a beautiful woman pays attention to Gavin, she’s a spy that thrusts him into a world of lies, manipulation and conspiracy. While this new life is filled with lies, Gavin will learn more truth about himself and who he is than he ever would have on his own. All he has to do is survive. Which is easier said than done while having the NOVA system in his head. Now, he has new threats that he has to look out for, both foreign and domestic, that seem to show up every day. And while he feels he can rely on Alex to help him navigate this new life, she has plenty of issues of her own.

Now that he has the NOVA system, he seems to know things and learn things he never should. What is the NOVA system? What does it do? Why is everyone after it? And most importantly, why him?
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Book Length: 320-650 Pages