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The Down Side

By John R Misak

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The Fourth in the John Keegan Mystery Series!!!

Times have changed, for Keegan and the city he works in. He plunges into a case filled with Hollywood secrets, Washington politics, and a tech-savvy killer who appears bent on changing the face of the city forever.

New York City gets caught off guard by the brutal murder of actor Patrick Dillons. Homicide detective John Keegan returns and his first big case lands him in the media spotlight. Adjusting to his new life with as husband and father, Keegan attempts to investigate a case he isn't ready for. He's no longer a single man with nothing to lose.

Though beloved, Dillons' life points to several suspects. Keegan investigates with his friend and partner Karl Lavin. They quickly discover Dillons manufactured an image for the public while living a vastly different private life. When Keegan gets handed shocking information on the actor he must keep secret, he finds himself embedded in a web of lies, causing trouble on the job and at home.

The Down Side illustrates the difficulty investigating a high-profile murder and the secrets all people keep.  When two other murders appear connected, Keegan realizes a larger plot exists, and he must find the killer before he or she strikes again, this time close to him. He dives deeper into the shady underbelly of the city Dillons dabbled in, finding evidence of a murder spree masterminded by a meticulous genius.

From the highly detailed murder scene to the involvement of players ranging from drug dealers to high-level government officials, this mystery will keep readers guessing until the very end who killed Dillons. Anything goes in this latest installment of the John Keegan Mystery Series, and the first part in an exciting two-part series. Fans will recognize the familiar elements of previous books while newcomers will be able to settle right in. Both will be taken for a wild ride.

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John R Misak