Hope Quotes

Hope is a sense of expectation and needs for a specific thing to occur. To put it differently, hope signifies a need for things to change for the better and to desire that better situation very much. These quotes give you positive vibes on your bad days and give you some hope that everything will be fine. Crave Books have listed thousands of Hope Quotes.

You’ve got to believe that God is in control of your life. It may be a tough time but you’ve got to believe that God has a reason for it and he’s going to make everything good.
Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with that there is.
After all, tomorrow is another day.
Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.
Hope clouds observation.
Hope, danger's comforter
Hope costs nothing.
Hope is certainty.
Hope is joy.
Hope springs forever.
Hope does not disappoint.
But Hopes are Shy Birds flying at a great distance seldom reached by the best of Guns.