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15 Poems to Help You Appreciate the Beauty Around Us

Beauty comes in many forms, but one of the best ways to experience the vast beauty around us is through poetry.  Poets transcribe their world’s eye onto paper, sharing perspectives on beauty we may never otherwise appreciate.  Poetry about beauty delivers a strong emotional punch, pulling us to look deeper at everything around us.  Today, […]

21 Poems to Help You Get in Touch with Mother Nature

One of the best ways to get in touch with nature and appreciate its beauty is through poetry. Poets have a way of magically observing and recording the world around them, inviting us all into their unique insight.  Through poems on nature, we can see the world in a way we may have never considered […]

16 Poems Every Dog Lover Needs to Read

Whether you own a dog, aspire to one day, or simply admire the ones you see, there’s no denying the cheer that the furry creatures bring. As man’s best friend, it’s only fitting that authors around the world have captured the delight of dogs in writing. Not only are there short stories and novels that […]

Everything You Need to Know About Kindle Unlimited

Amazon originally launched in 1995 as a website that sold books. While it transformed into the largest eCommerce platform, Amazon still offers a number of products and services related to its roots.  Kindle Unlimited is an appealing service that may be of interest to avid readers.  However, there are currently dozens of ways to access […]

100 Famous Book Quotes

100 Famous Book Quotes Below is our continuously growing list of the best famous book quotes of all time. If there is a quote you would like us to add, please let us know by using our contact us form. Also, if you enjoy this list, feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social […]

50 Best Sellers in Self-Help

50 BEST SELLERS in Self-Help There is much to look forward to in 2021, especially after a rough 2020. This year, we can accomplish all that we set out to with self help books. We are lucky that there are plenty of authors out there that have wisdom and advice to share. With the perfect […]

50 Best Sellers in Personal Finance

There’s no time like the present to work on our personal finances. The best way to learn or pick up tips is by reading books or literature that help guide you on advice and best advice for ways to help stretch a dollar. We compiled this list with the best personal finance books that will […]

50 Handpicked Bestselling Healthy Living Books For the New Year

The word “healthy” can mean a lot of different things. It can be used for mental health, organization, weight, exercise, eating and so much more — and they are not all mutually exclusive. We have compiled a list of 50 bestselling healthy living books to kick start your healthy lifestyle today. Issues like these can’t […]

Page Turner Books – No One Can Dare to Miss (2020 Edition)

There are over 130,000,000 books published in total — even if you tried, you won’t ever get to read all of them. And if you did try reading all of them, you would only enjoy a small fraction of them. Being exposed to many books, we have compiled a list of books that will keep […]