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By Samantha Goodno

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Demons exist … and they are out for my blood.
My demon ex, tried to kill me once, and now he’s back to finish the job.
Only I won’t go down so easily this time.
With two years of MMA training under my belt, I’m not the damsel I used to be, and I refuse to lie down and take the beatings … or die.
What’s worse is finding out the handsome, asshole detective hanging around me was supposed to kill me too.
But there was something about me that made him change his mind … and whatever he knows changes everything.
Demons do exits, but they’re called daimons, and the evil ones are Netherians.
They are the ones who are after me.
They are the ones working for my ex.
But thanks to my nifty new power, I have something to fight back with and that puts an even bigger target on my head.
Lucky me.
Aura is the first book of the Darkness Rising Series, a dark paranormal fantasy with twists and turns, and a lip-biting, slow burn romance to keep you on the edge of your seat.


Samantha Goodno