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After the Flesh

By Fannie Price

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Pursuing a serial killer becomes a life altering experience for Detective Veronica Sykes when it leads to the revelation of her cambion bloodline and plunges her into the world of dragons and demons. 

Demons are real. The revelation tilts the world of Chicago's homicide detective, Veronica Sykes. Learning she is a cambion, demon born, knocks it right off its axis.

Things go from bad to sideways when the demon she pursues turns the tables on her. With the help of Lachlan, a dragon liaison with the Predator Crime Unit, she uncovers the demon's purpose… break his master out of hell.

To stop the demon, Veronica makes a bold move, but will her bravery force her into embracing her demon lineage or save her soul from the darkness within.


  • ASIN: B07ZWQ888Y
  • ISBN: 1393063195

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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