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Cirsova #4: Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine (Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine)

By P Alexander

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The Double-Stuffed Winter Issue of Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, featuring:


  • The Vault of Phalos, by Jeffery Scott Sims

  • Shadow Visions, by Preston Dennett

Short Stories

  • The Lady of the Amorous City, by Edward M. Erdelac

  • A Suit of Haidrah Skin, by Rob Lang

  • ...Where There Is No Sanctuary, by Howie K. Bentley

  • The Last Dues Owed, by Christine Lucas

  • The Witch of Elrica, by Jennifer Povey

  • The Bubbcat, by Sean Monaghan

  • Wall Wardens, by Lynn Rushlau

  • Lost Men, by Eugene Morgulis

  • The Unfolding of the World, by Harold R. Thompson

  • The Sands of Rubal-Khali, by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

  • The Priests of Shalaz, by Jay Barnson

  • Dust of Truth, by Joyce Frohn

  • The Ride, by Edward McDermott

  • My Name is John Carter (Pt.3), by James Hutchings

  • The Phantom Sands of Calavass, by S.H. Mansouri


  • The Feminine Force Awakens, by Liana Kerzner

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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

P Alexander