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Wake: Fairy tales and other stories of wisdom, kindness, and compassion

By NahMo

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All fairy tales speak of a hero's journey and follow much the same format - the main character meets challenges and overcomes them through might, magic, or marriage. The newly realized fairy tales and stories you find in this book also tell stories of all creatures facing difficulties and suffering. But the way out is not as easy-breezy as waving a magic wand. The light at the end of the tunnel very much depends on the choices the characters must make in the wake of their suffering.

Read the stories by yourself in quiet contemplation, or share the stories with your children and use them as a jump-off point to discuss situations your children will one day face on their own. Let the stories remind you and your loved ones that the toolkit of internal virtues and strengths is available to all of us. We just have to pay attention and pick the right tool when the time comes. Use the tool to find growth in difficulties. You will realize that you become a better person not despite your suffering, but because of it.

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages