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Bigfoot on Blue River Ridge

By Cyrena Shows

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A camping trip in a dark forest. Rumors of a monster roaming the area. Will the evidence they find change their minds forever?
Gracie and her cousins embark on their annual spring break camping trip. This time, they’re headed to Blue River Ridge, where Gracie’s Uncle Lee has heard about recent bigfoot sightings. When they find evidence of the monster near their campsite, they fear it will soon return.
Bill Hadley, a famous paranormal and true-crime podcaster, is camping near them. He’s focused on his new video channel, and the rumors of Bigfoot have sparked his interest. The kids are on their own mission to find this creature in the forest. Will their paths collide as they search for the beast in the woods?
Join Gracie and her friends in the third installment of the Amazing Gracie Mysteries series as they get to the bottom of Bigfoot on Blue River Ridge.
If you like easy chapter book mystery series such as Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew or A to Z Mysteries, you’ll love the exciting new storylines that pull in reluctant readers and keep them engaged till the very end. Young readers and parents alike will appreciate the wholesome, relatable characters and fun illustrations within the Amazing Gracie Mysteries.

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Book Length: 0-60 Pages