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Summer vacation To Finca

By Luke Thunder

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A pleasant shiver ran down my spine. I felt Jacques getting hard on my buttocks and on suspicion I reached out with one hand towards Kai's cock. A hit here too. Rock hard stretched his erection towards me. For a moment, the thought "Heaven, what's happening here!" shot through my head. My grinning husband in front of me and the hard cock of the nice stranger behind me made the thought quickly disappear. Without rubber bands, nothing would work here anyway. So grabbed it I grabbed Jacques Prachtstück with my second hand and pushed it between my thighs, I wanted to feel that huge cock on my hot lips.
"Oh Jenny, you're driving me crazy," Jacques whispered into my ear.
I moved my two stallions to calmer water. With a cock in each hand, I started jerking them both off.
I said to Kai: "Come on, films!", which he didn't need to be told twice.
Jacques continued to focus on my breasts. His hands slowly glided over my curves and his fingers skillfully played with my stiff nipples. I proved my dexterity to the boys by jerking their cocks at the same time and irritating their sensitive area below the glans. A damn cool feeling to hold two hard fuck sticks in your hands at the same time, but I would have liked to have seen them and not just felt them.
Jacques slipped a hand between my thighs and brought first one, then two fingers into my crack, which was not only wet from the water. I moaned in pleasure and trembling, I made them both cum almost simultaneously. Moaning, they both came to orgasm and squirted their sperm towards me in the water, which spread in white clouds.
Horny I left the water with the two.
As I walked next to Kai, I asked him quietly, "Aren't you jealous at all? Jacques' cock is even bigger than yours. If you're 18cm, that's probably 25 for him."
Kai replied: "With my 18 I've gotten you well satisfied up to now, haven't I? Incidentally, both of our sexual fantasies are picking up steam here...

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