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Captive: Kelly Kennedy Series Book Two

By Jamie L Biggs

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When I awakened as a vampire, I should have been immortal.

Instead, I’m dying.

For reasons unknown, I can’t drink human blood. Starving and desperate, my lover Grant and I have been forced to turn to the most powerful creature in Las Vegas for help - the very same vampire who sired Grant three centuries earlier.

But even the King of the Vampires couldn’t have anticipated what the consequences of helping me would be - or that summoning assistance from the Realm of the Fae would set in motion a chain of events that could topple the balance of power in the supernatural kingdom.

For Wills, ambitious King of the Unseelie Fae Court, knows that I’m the granddaughter of Jareia, King of the Seelie Fae Court. In the belief that my Fae heritage could be the key to toppling Jareia’s tyrannous reign, he’s used this opportunity to steal me away.

Now, I’m trapped in the strange, magical Realm of the Fae - far from Grant and anybody else who could help me. I’ve got nothing but my wits and my untested magic to rely on - and unless I can help King Wills depose my own grandfather, I’ll be forced to marry him, instead.

I’d barely begun my new life as a vampire. Is this how I’ll be forced to spend the rest of it?

Captive in the second in the Kelly Kennedy Series by Jamie L. Biggs - continuing a fast-paced, paranormal romance set within the seductive, supernatural underworld of Las Vegas.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages