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Adam in Taoland

By Jack Tymann

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A meaningless life in Novana, under the control of humanoid robots.

Death is the only choice.

Until it isn’t.

In the 4th Millennium, a twenty-year-old Adam finds himself rescued from the utter nothingness of Novana – only to be thrown into a web of romance, corporate power struggles, and corruption.

Throughout a thirty-year journey of self-discovery – on the three moons of the magical, rogue planet of Tao – Adam navigates a fantastic new world of gurus, strange creatures, and conflict – with dangers lurking around every corner.

In an obsessive quest for power and position, he struggles to find balance in the irreconcilable demands of his professional and personal life.

Everything changes when Adam, on the edge of an abyss of confusion, escapes death’s clutches. He finds himself answering to a higher calling.

Will Adam embrace true purpose? Or is it too late?

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Jack Tymann