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The Rain Maker

By Michael Martin

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Jacqueline Caldwell "JC" Macy has won the prestigious Sir Griffith Bascome Lawrence engineering competition. Her design could become the most game-changing project Africa has ever seen -- or a huge fundraising scam.

Wary from the start, JC's adoring bestie and personal assistant, Mary Josephine "MJ" Byrne sees a confederacy of profiteers: lawyers, bankers, politicians, and celebrities, lined up to enrich themselves on the backs of the world's poor.

An American expat who left a promising career and fled an abusive father, MJ takes on the forces of hypocrisy -- "white saviors," the "Humanitarian-Industrial Complex," faux environmentalism, family dysfunction -- that are pushing her friend to the brink. Despite JC’s astonishing gifts, MJ may be the only person who truly cares about her.

A volatile genius with a mile-wide rebellious streak and a growing love for the white powder that makes escape seem easy, JC -- and her once-in-a-century project -- are on a collision course with self destruction.

If not for one loyal, loving, honest friend. But is honesty enough? Is loyalty? What about love?

"The complex relationship between JC and MJ greatly reminded me of Needy and Jennifer's complicated dynamic in the cult film classic Jennifer's Body. There were definitely some heavy topics in The Rain Maker, so I would advise trigger warnings for child abuse and suicide before deciding whether to read it." -- Vanessa R, NetGalley Reviewer


Book Length: 150-320 Pages