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Fitness Fast

By Christopher Menser

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Fitness Fast is extremely helpful to anyone that is trying to have a healthier body and mind. This goes deeper than just a standard fitness and wellness book. Not only do I cover health, wellness, and nutritional needs, the book incorporates aspects of social and spiritual health as well. Friends and family can make a huge impact on anyone’s fitness journey, therefore it is important to touch on what others think– and discuss overcoming fears associated with body image, as well as natural fears in general. Once you start losing weight while utilizing the strategies covered in Fitness Fast, you will be excited to tell your friends and family about how well it actually works! Those around you will definitely notice the change in your body, and ask you how you were able to accomplish your new healthier look while still eating your favorite foods--and even junk foods, within reason.

By using the strategies outlined in Fitness Fast, more ground is covered than in the standard workout program you see today. Fitness Fast is written in a way that is easy to understand. Anyone can read this book and benefit from the strategies covered. Fitness Fast has advantages over other workout programs in many respects--mainly because science is always changing, especially when it comes to health and fitness! Just think about it, the science that we thought was accepted just a few years ago is already outdated and wrong. There are many health and wellness books out there that are beloved and read by many, yet the strategies that are used in those books are scientifically disproven or are now outdated, not to mention strategies that are just too difficult to maintain for a long period of time. Fitness Fast is great for any reader because it’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle!

My strategies are structured to be incorporated in a way that people can use them for the rest of their lives. There are many who unsuccessfully begin a diet for a few weeks or a few months and may even lose some weight. But eventually, the ‘diet’ is too rigid. Unfortunately, the unhealthy habits resume, and the weight gain returns. With Fitness Fast, anyone can maintain a healthy level of fitness and wellness for the rest of his or her life. I also try resonate with the reader in my book by discussing my personal struggles with fitness in my younger years. My hope is that this helps you to understand that you are not alone and that I understand what you have been going through. Many workout programs nowadays talk a big game when it comes to losing fat and gaining muscle. But what they don’t talk about is how one can think about it. The mental game is just as important as the physical game when it comes to someone’s fitness journey. Fitness Fast puts an emphasis on this where other workout programs and books fall short. Bible verses are used throughout each chapter to support my ideas and to address real questions that I’ve gotten from students and those whom I have coached through the years.

I have a bachelor’s degree in health and I have done much research on the most natural and effective ways to improve human health over the past 10 years. I have been personally practicing these tactics and strategies with success. I have helped countless friends and family members with their overall health and wellness journeys as well! In addition, people have asked me at times to write workout programs and magazine articles. I have also been asked to model for MasterClasses and act in independent films. The best part of this is it’s easy for me! And it can be easy for anyone! I taught health in public and private schools for over six years. Not only do I have the qualifications and credentials to write a book like this, but I also live the program. This is a lifestyle for me and it can be for everyone else as well.

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