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The Eternal Dance

By Alexander Collas

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Landis was no stranger to cold, hard streets, the chilling gusts of wind, and the weight of loneliness. Every corner of the city held a memory of hardship, each shadow a reminder of the past he'd rather forget. But destiny, it seems, has other plans as his life takes an enchanting twist when he stumbles upon a quaint antique store, overseen by a warm-hearted elderly couple. Within its shadowy corners, he's drawn to an ancient painting of a girl cloaked in a diamond-patterned coat. There's something enigmatic about her gaze—almost as if she's challenging the boundary between fiction and reality.

One fateful evening, to the wail of sirens, he realizes they've tracked him down. Desperately seeking refuge, he turns a corner to find a mysterious hand extending from the shadows, beckoning him to follow. To his astonishment, he finds himself tripping into the world of the painting and face to face with the Harlequin girl, looking down at him with her impish grin.

The diamond-clad harlequin leads him into a universe unlike any other. Welcome to Endlessfall, an enchanting universe of levitating islands and luminous magic where whimsical creatures and magical carnivals abound. But Endlessfall is more than just magic. Here he learns the truth about jesters and harlequins. That they are no ordinary clowns; they are the puppeteers of fate, shaping the destinies of worlds and societies.

The Eternal Dance is not just a tale of magic but also a journey of self-discovery. Dive into the pages and let your imagination soar as you accompany Landis on his quest to uncover the truths hidden in the folds of fantasy. Because in Endlessfall, reality is but a dream, and dreams hold the power to change everything.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages