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Her Irish Chef

By Palmer Jones

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When a man like Rian O'Keeley pursues you, holding out forever is hopeless.

Mara Andrews knew of Rian O’Keeley. He co-owns O’Keeley’s Pub in Atlanta, has won dozens of culinary awards, and pictures of him with beautiful women cover the tabloids. But nowhere in the media coverage did it say the color of his eyes shifted from green to blue, depending on the light, or that his sharp sense of humor would make her laugh.

And he’d offered her a date.

One date. One, no-strings-attached night with the gorgeous chef.

Rian O'Keeley has no interest in forming a long-term attachment to a woman. Traveling the world, working, and meeting new people keeps him one step ahead of the tragic memories he's outrun for over a decade. When he returns to Atlanta, he's there to spend time with his brothers and regroup...alone.

But meeting the sweet, selfless Mara changes that when he realizes she's not designed for a simple fling he offers.

He knows he should walk away, but he can't. He wants Mara.

Her Irish Chef is Book Two in the O’Keeley’s Irish Pub series by Georgia native and award-winning author Palmer Jones.
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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Palmer Jones